Upon request, The BBQ Joint can provide for a fully-catered event through its partnership with Gourmet by the Bay

GBTB would handle all Client communication for fully-catered events and would provide the following:

  • a meeting with the Client at the chosen venue to discuss vision for the event
  • menu design and implementation, using a combined menu created in conjunction with The BBQ Joint
  • event design and implementation to achieve a cohesive look
  • coordination of all necessary rental equipment required for the chosen venue
  • on site day of coordination of the event, including all rental/vendor coordination
  • overseeing the set up of any necessary rental items, including tents, tables, chairs, etc., as well as the break down
  • assistance with vendor recommendations for flowers, music, photographers, shuttle companies, etc., however the Client will be required to work directly with those vendors to achieve their overall event needs
  • full staffing services, including bartenders, servers, chefs and on-site coordinators

In this instance, GBTB would create a proposal inclusive of the menu items specifically chosen by the Client. Based upon the menu chosen and the rentals needed, GBTB would provide a proposal to properly execute the event. GBTB would determine the amount and range of rentals necessary, as well as the staffing necessary for each event based upon details provided by the Client.

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For more information, please contact shoregour@verizon.net

In the event that a Client’s budget does not allow for a fully-catered service option, The BBQ Joint can provide a much less expensive option … food service only. Using the same menus as provided for a fully-catered event, the Client may work directly with a representative of The BBQ Joint to create a menu for any special event. Based upon the final headcount and the range of items chosen, a representative will provide the Client with a cost for the total menu. The Client can arrange for pick up of the entire menu or delivery of all food items. The BBQ Joint may also submit a quote for providing a chef on site to set up the buffet at the chosen venue. In this instance, the Chef would be on site for a minimum of 1 hour and a maximum of 3 to simply arrange the food and help keep the buffet filled and tidy until all guests have eaten.

With food pick up or delivery, the Client would be responsible for all necessary rentals, set up, break down and event service (bartending and table service). All food would be delivered and arranged on/in disposable containers. Should the Client want display items other than disposable, they would need to provide those directly.

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For more info, please contact Easton location at bbqjointmd@gmail.com


Pasadena location at thebbqjoint.pasadena@gmail.com